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Harness Solutions is located in


In the service of the electronics industry

Harness Solutions, situated in Flinth Industrial Park, Kadawatha, Sri Lanka, is specializing in the manufacture
of harnesses for the international electronics companies. Harness Solutions harnesses are going into e g

  • Alarm and safety systems
  • Audio and video products
  • Cars, trains and other vehicles
  • Computers and computer networks
  • Electronic scales and instruments
  • Home appliances
  • Machines of all kinds
  • Medical equipment
  • Production control systems

The list can be made much longer.

In a modern eco-friendly environment Harness


Solutions is providing the best possible ambience for its production, its employees and for visiting customers.

By sharing administration with other companies in Flinth Industrial Park the administrative costs are kept at a minimum without prejudicing the quality.

Harness Solutions, together with the other companies in Flinth Industrial Park, is part of an industrial community of high-tech companies which attracts the very best engineers and technical personnel.

Harness Solutions is always willing to assist its customers in designing the harnesses which are most suitable for the customers' products.

Pawan Nand Tejwani
Managing Director