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Technical competence and the
advantages on cost and choice of
materials make buying harnesses
more attractive than making them.

Why buy harnesses and
not make your own?

A harness can be a very simple item. But it can also be very complex and sophisticated.

A very simple harness can be a cable cut to the right length with the right terminal at
each end and used for conducting an electrical current from one point to another.

A complex harness can contain one or several cables with a lot of strands and various contacts for distribution of current from one point to several points. The complex
harnesses in your products are very similar to the vascular system in your body
distributing blood from your heart to all parts in need of oxygen and energy.

The harness is a vital component in many products, which deserves to be manufactured
with care and professional skill.

The electrical properties of the cables are of importance when it comes to cables for use
in e g instruments. If you are manufacturing any equipment which contains wiring for electrical current or signals you have every reason to study this presentation of
Harness Solutions, your reliable harness supplier able to provide professional expertise
when designing and manufacturing harnesses.