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Technical competence and the
advantages on cost and choice of
materials make buying harnesses
more attractive than making them.

Why buy harnesses and
not make your own?

By buying even a simple harness from Harness Solutions you will as a customer enjoy a lot of benefits e g

  • The cable will be cut with precision, which reduces the material waste. The cable will
    be customized ensuring the right gauge of the copper wire, which reduces the cost
    for copper.
  • The material in the sheath will be chosen with care taken into consideration the environment in which the harnesses will be used lThe contacts to be used will be from
    a carefully chosen source and, when so required, customized.
  • The mounting of the contacts will be made by highly trained operators to ensure that they with a good margin will sustain the forces they will be exposed to. Harness Solutions has the right equipment for testing this.
  • The quality will be monitored as per the ISO 9001 standard and be subject to rigorous controls by Harness Solutions' own Quality Department.
  • The harnesses will be delivered and packed in a way which will help you to keep
    control over your stock and to take them straight into production.