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Harness Solutions is located in

We can design and manufacture
plastic connectors as per customers'
specific needs.


A good harness is the result of the work dedicated professional experts in designing and manufacturing harnesses and the use of high quality cables, high quality connectors and outstanding assembly skills.

Harness Solutions has the excellent assembly skills through its carefully recruited and groomed personnel.

The connectors, being the third component in the harness assembly, are sourced through Harness Solutions extensive network of quality connector suppliers.

The immense variety of connectors makes it possible to stock only a selection of standard connectors.

Harness Solutions can design and through association with a related plastic injection molding company in the Flinth Industrial Park community of skilled companies provide plastic connectors as per its customers' specific needs. The connectors can through Harness Solutions earlier mentioned association with a mold making company in Flinth Industrial Park be branded for the customer.

Harness Solutions is also used to incorporate glands in the connecting device to further lock the harness to the socket to which it is connected.