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A very important part of our
interaction with a customer is the
feedback on how he has experienced
us as a partner and supplier.

Customer interaction

Harness Solutions appreciates the interaction with its customers. Harness Solutions wants to know its customers, the properties of the harnesses required and where it is going to be used.

Requests for Quotations will be attended to within 48 hours. Either by giving a quote or if so required by asking for additional information on the harness desired.

The design of a harness has to take into consideration not only the electrical properties required like the voltage of the current to be distributed. There might be special values desired when it comes to resistance, capacitance, inductance, etc. There might be constraints on the dimensions of the harness and its terminals.

Of course, the environment in which the harness will be placed might affect the design. Is extra protection against e g temperature, humidity, corrosion, friction or ants and rodents required?

The input on this must come from the customer and is most often conveyed in a dialog between Harness Solutions and the customer. When a customer finds its way from a previous supplier to Harness Solutions the best thing is to let Harness Solutions make a design from fresh to ensure that not a prejudiced design is used.

A very imporants part of the interaction between Harness Solutions and a customer is the feedback from the customer on how he has experienced Harness Solutions as a partner and supplier. It is not only very important to Harness Solutions, it is also very pleasant.